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A New Musical Dramedy for the Entire LGBTQA Community

KS Stevens - Lyrics, Libretto and Composition
Brad Gardner - Musical Direction and Arrangements

ERICA KLEIN recently graduated high school and attends her mother’s BIG EXCELLENT 20TH REUNION to deliver her last message to her dearest friends. But first ERICA must let all of them come Fabulously Out of the Closet! We meet KEVIN YIH a sober gay therapist who was homeless, and who now works with at-risk youth and is living with HIV. MITCH JOHNSON is a gay man who was kicked out of the military, and became a leatherman and Hollywood stuntman. DEBRA GONZALES is bisexual and traded in her profession in the mortgage industry for a new law degree. SAMANTHA BLAINE is a cat-loving lesbian romance writer. And DANIELLE PARKER is transsexual Professor of Queer Theory and the former quarterback of the football team. There are anthems for everyone and it is a deeply intimate humorous poignant story for those who have ever loved family and friends who are LGBTQA, and are from interracial and/or adopted families, and have been touched by cancer and HIV.

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